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Where are you located?

I reside in Simpsonville, SC where I run the bakery from home.


Are all of your cakes and other products vegan?

Everything is 100% vegan (dairy and egg-free) and we use bone char free sugar. We do use ingredients that are sometimes made in facilities that also process allergens, so our products are not recommended for those with serious or life-threatening allergies.


Do you ship/deliver?
Pickup only for the time being in Greenville, SC.

I need a cake for tomorrow, can you have one ready?
I make everything fresh to order, so I require at least a few days to a few weeks notice on all orders.

What is bone char sugar?

Animal bones or gelatin are used to bleach and process sugar. All organic sugar is bone char free as well as other brands that cater to vegetarians, vegans, etc. We use sugar that is either organic, labeled vegan, or both.

Are your desserts allergy friendly?

All desserts baked here at Jenauri's are safe to consume to those with egg or dairy allergies. We do, however, use products that contain other allergens.

Do you offer gluten free products?

Yes! We do offer a variety of gluten free products. 


Do the cupcakes and cakes need to be refrigerated?

Yes! I do recommend that you store any uneaten cupcakes or cake in an air tight container, and in the refrigerator.  You can take them out for up to 30 minutes prior to consumption, if you don't want to eat them cold.

How long do your products keep?

All products are made by hand and baked to order, using only the freshest ingredients. Since we do not use preservatives in our baked goods, our desserts are always best when served sooner rather than later and from the refrigerator.

If cupcakes will not be served immediately, they may be placed in the freezer in an air tight container for up to 3 months. Please allow 1-3 hours for our cupcakes to defrost before serving.

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