*How do I place an order?

-All cake orders must be placed via email at jenaurisveganbakery@gmail.com. All other orders can be placed via website.


*What are your recommendations?

-It depends on what you're looking for! We offer cupcakes, cakes, cake pops, and plenty other desserts that will satisfy your sweet cravings. All vegan of course.  


*How do I retrieve my order?

-Since we do not have a storefront location as of yet, we thought it best to meet our customers at a designated neutral location. We do deliver, however, for an additional fee. Price is dependant uopn milelage.

*Where are you located?

-I reside in Simpsonville, SC where I run the bakery from home.


*What are your hours?

-I run Jenauris' Vegan Bakery from home, so I do not have set hours as of right now. I am open to taking orders all hours of the day (within reason) 7 days a week.


*How long have you been baking?

- I have been baking for many, many years. Vegan baking, however, is fairly new to me, as I have recently become vegan. But that does not effect my baking, because I am simply using less ingredients, than I would with "normal" baking.


*What makes your desserts vegan?

-Vegan desserts is basically the absence of dairy and eggs. Everything tastes just as great as any "normal" dessert out there, if not better! Every ingredient used in Jenauris' desserts are considered vegan.


*Are your desserts allergy friendly?

-All desserts baked here at Jenauris' are safe to consume to those with egg or dairy allergies. We do, however, use almond milk in most our desserts, and they may contain soy as well. To those with nut allergies, I can (and have) use(d) a different plant based milk.


*Do you offer gluten free products?

-We do offer gluten free cakes and cupcakes. 


*Do the cupcakes and cakes need to be refrigerated?

-Yes! We do recommend that you store any uneaten cupcakes or cake in the refrigerator.  You can take them out for up to 30 minutes prior to consumption, if you don't want to eat them cold.


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